Our Roots

Our company is family based and has its roots in the production and farming of the finest quality Proteas for over 50 years.

Calenick Farm was purchased by Sir Lewis Michell in 1916 and was originally a fruit farm.

The commercial Protea venture was started by Pam Michell in 1960 and these flowers have been exported to Europe ever since.

Her son, Bryan Michell, took over the farming enterprise in 1997 and has expanded into the international and local trade of flowers through the company Cape Mountain Flora.


The farm is well known for the development and production of the hybrid Protea Venus; a chance crossing of Protea aristata and Protea repens.

This plant went through a process of breeding and selection by Pam Michell and was registered with plant breeder's rights in 1995.

We have various partners in South Africa around the globe producing Venus under license with us.


Our production & head office is situated on Calenick Farm, Stellenbosch. Our dedicated staff are focussed on producing the highest quality flowers. We grow a number of varieties with Venus being our flagship flower. Other Proteas currently produced on Calenick Farm include Sylvia, Arctic Ice, Carnival, Aristata, Niobe, Pinita and Pink velvet. We are continuously striving to improve and update our growing methods to produce the healthiest plants and the most beautiful flowers.

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